Songs by Ximena Venochea: “Listen Like You Mean It” by Bushwick Book Club Oakland

Bushwick Book Club Oakland presents Songs Inspired by Ximena Venochea’s “Listen Like You Mean It”
Peralta Hacienda Historical Park, 2465 34th avenue, Oakland.


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Join us for an afternoon of literature and music curated by Bushwick Book Club.

Bring a blanket and grab a spot on the Peralta Museum House front lawn!

Enjoy an outdoor concert by East Bay artists performing songs inspired by this season’s book selection: “Listen Like you Mean It” by Ximena Vengochea.

Bushwick Book Club Oakland specifically selects literature written by authors of color, members of LGBTQ communities and books exploring facets of the natural world. Each season, a book is chosen and group of select singer-songwriters and composers read the book, write a song inspired by it, and perform their pieces for an audience of enthusiastic book people.

Audience members are welcomed to read the book ahead of time for added fun.



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About Ximena (say hee-men-ah)

I don’t fit into most boxes. I’m a creative working in tech with one of the most people-focused roles in the industry—user research. As a manager and mentor, I love helping others grow and do their best work. On top of my 9-5, I’m a writer, illustrator, and mother. Much of my inspiration comes from my life experience — I tend to cover topics in professional and personal development and share learnings I think will be helpful for others. Beyond that, I’m probably spending time with family and friends, strolling, podcasting, or tinkering on my next side project.

Professional bio

Ximena Vengoechea is a user researcher, writer, and illustrator whose work on personal and professional development has been published in Inc., The Washington post, Newsweek, and Huffington Post. She is the author of the new book, Listen Like You Mean it: Reclaiming the Lost Art of True Connection (Portfolio/Penguin Random House). She is a contributor at Fast Company and The Muse, and writes Letters from Ximena, a newsletter on tech, culture, career, and creativity. She is best known for her project The Life Audit. An experienced manager, mentor, and researcher in the tech industry, she previously worked at Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter.