[free] Techno-Tamales from Nixta Valley: Peru to San Jose @ MCCLA // San Jose

An Emeryville artist is hosting tamale parties to celebrate the sustainable technology of communities of color

Performance artist Praba Pilar’s Techno-Tamaladas events showcase tamale-making as an innovation developed by Latinx, African-American and other cultures across the Americas.

Techno-Tamales from Nixta Valley: De Lima, Peru a San Jose, California
MACLA / Movimiento de Arte y Cultura Latino Americana.

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Cultura Power Fellow Praba Pilar invites you to join her for Techno-Tamales from Nixta Valley: De Lima, Peru a San Jose, California @ MACLA on Wednesday, November 10th.

Her and her team have been creating and will be giving away hand made techno-tamales – part of a series of new works created by Praba Pilar, and Peruvian artists Cecilia Vilca, and Lorena Lo Peña during MACLA’s Cultura Power Fellowship.

Please join us at this in person participatory event on November 10th, where we’ll share information on the technologies of life of nixtamalization, the milpa, and maiz cultures; and engage algorithms of liberation, reciprocity, and resurgence that have never and will never become obsolete!




The Techno-Tamaladas draw on thousands of years of practice & knowledge cultivating corn/maize across the Americas to sustain life.

Recognizing the Indigenous technology of nixtamalization – the Nahuatl word for steeping and cooking maize in water with ash or slaked lime – and how it increases nutritional value and reduces mycotoxins – provides a springboard to reimagine technological futurity.

We invite tinkerers, artists, activists, scientists, eco folks, immigrants, refugees, students, homeless folks, tamale makers, tech workers, city council members, tamale lovers, and all community to sit together, make and share tamales, and dialogue on the sustainable technologies of communites of color, all are welcome!

All in person Techno-Tamaladas are free and accessible to folks in wheel chairs.  Read more here.