[petition] Help Keep Historic Carnaval San Francisco on 24th Street!


Community, we have been notified that the barrier placed at the center of 24th street at the intersection of 24th and Shotwell, facing east and west will be removed by the MTA.

Thank you to all who sent in emails and letters to the MTA. Our petition received over 2900 signatures. We will work with the MTA to make sure future projects have deep involvement with the Latinx community and to make sure there is a comprehensive plan for the Mission District using a race and soci… See more


The Municipal Transportation Authority (MTA) has placed a no-left turn barricade [photo below] in the center of 24th St on the corner of 24th and Shotwell in the heart of the Latino Cultural District.

This barricade will stop Carnaval SF from using 24th street for its parade route.

This barricade will also impede on other events like Cesar Chavez Parade and Festival, Fiesta de Las Americas, and Dia Del Los Muertos Ritual Procession, creating safety issues for parade participants, visitors, and emergency vehicles during events.

We are asking to remove the barricade and the no turns sign-on Shotwell. This was an ill-conceived idea without thinking about the Mission’s cultural economy and historic Carnaval SF that has used the route for decades.

We are continuously disappointed by the MTA and its lack of knowledge of the Latinx community, cultural incompetence, and deafness to the needs of the Latinx community.



Why is this important?

Calle 24 Latino Cultural District was formed because of the displacement of 8 thousand (and counting) Latinx community members and gentrification of the neighborhood.

We formed to protect and stabilize our cultural assets which include all our cultural events that generate revenue for artists, businesses, the Mission, and the city as a whole. The Mission has the highest number of cultural events in the city that use 24th St.

The Covid-19 epidemic has hurt the Latinx community at much higher levels than others and this barricade will further hurt our small businesses, artist, and community during this important recovery.

This is not just a physical barrier but a psychological one that has triggered the trauma of displacement.

Let’s help Carnaval SF stay on its historic route, and ask the MTA to remove the barricade they placed against our events, economy, and community.
Please sign this petition and share it with all your contacts, friends, and neighbors.

Si Se Puede! Calle 24 Latino Cultural District.