[theatre] Las Azurduy de Florencia Aroldi // SF

NOV 20 AT 7 PM – NOV 21 AT 10 PM
Las Azurduy de Florencia Aroldi
Brava theatre, 24th street, SF.

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La Lengua Teatro en Español and Brava Theater present an experimental staged reading of
LAS AZURDUY [las Ah-soor-doo-e]
by Florencia Aroldi, a commission by La Lengua (world premiere in 2022).
IN-PERSON: Saturday, November 20th at 7pm San Francisco
STREAMED: Sunday November 21st at 3 pm San Francisco (streaming of a recording of the show) https://brava.secure.force.com/ticket/…
-In Spanish and Quechua with English supertitles.
A tribute and a collective invocation of Latinx women to the spirit of the warrior Juana Azurduy [hoo-ah-nah ah-soor-doo-e], a South American independence leader whose courage and conviction require three characters to tell her feats.
Join La Lengua Teatro en Español for an experimental staged reading of Las Azurduy, their first-ever commissioned play. This work-in-progress will be presented in Spanish and Quechua (with English and Spanish supertitles) and will feature an all-female Latina ensemble in a piece that invokes the powerful figure of Juana Azurduy, a South American female war leader, whose courage, conviction, and spirit requires three characters to tell her feats. Las Azurduy is a story that celebrates the strength and power of female collective action.
Juana Azurduy’s story is not as well-known as it should be. She was a Mestiza who behaved outside the parameters of what was expected from a woman in her time. She fought for her people’s independence from the Spanish crown in colonial times in the South American Viceroyalty of the Río de la Plata. Even though she and her troops won key battles, her victories were mostly forgotten. Half of the South-American countries owe it to her to include her name in their pantheon of heroes as Founding Mother. But she was erased from the glory; nowadays, nobody even knows what she looked like.
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