2023 Bay Area Latino Census

Here’s the latest Bay Area Latino Census.

Updated: May 30, 2023 / 09:09 AM.
Source: kron4news.

Newly released data from the U.S. Census Bureau breaks down the largest racial group in each of the nine Bay Area counties. The data, released on May 27th in a report from the 2020 Census, is divided into subcategories, including age, sex and race.


Latinos comprise at least a quarter (25%) of the total population in 6 [of total of 9] counties:

Contra Costa (27%), Napa (35.4%), San Mateo (25%), Santa Clara (25.2%), Solano (28.3%) and Sonoma (28.9%).


Rest of the Bay Area.

The Bay Area’s population is 7,765,640, and the largest racial group is white people at 39.2% (3,047,707), according to the latest U.S. Census data.

The region’s second-largest group is Asians at approximately 27.9% (2,171,656).


Here’s the breakdown showing each Bay Area county’s largest and second-largest racial group:

Alameda County

Asian: 32.4% (545,261)
White: 31.1% (523,836)
Total population (all races): 1,682,353

Contra Costa County

White: 43% (501,697)
Hispanic: 27% (314,900)
Total population: 1,165,927

Marin County

White: 68.4% (179,377)
Hispanic: 18.8% (49,410)
Total population: 262,321

Napa County

White: 55.2% (76,158)
Hispanic: 35.4% (48,829)
Total population: 138,019

San Francisco County

White: 41.3% (361,382)
Asian: 33.9% (296,505)
Total population: 873,965

San Mateo County

White: 39.3% (300,188)
Asian: 30.1% (230,242)
Total population: 764,442

Santa Clara County

Asian: 39.2% (759,030)
White: 32.2% (622,617)
Total population: 1,936,259

Solano County

White: 38.8% (175,768)
Hispanic: 28.3% (128,155)
Total population: 453,491

Sonoma County

White: 62.7% (306,684)
Hispanic: 28.9% (141,438)
Total population: 488,863


About census:

Since the US Census does not count the Bay Area as its own singular entity, KRON4 compiled the data by combining numbers from all nine Bay Area counties. That is how the Bay Area area’s total population was calculated.

U.S. Census Day was on April 1, 2020. The census is taken every 10 years. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the census had to make operational adjustments in its counting and data gathering.

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