41st annual Procession in The Mission “Dia de los Muertos” // SF

“Dia de los Muertos” Procession in The Mission
Wed Nov 2
6:00PM – 8:00PM
22nd & Bryant St. in the Mission District.


The ritual procession will move through Bryant Street onto 24th Street

Then along 24th Street onto Mission Street, then along Mission Street onto 22nd Street, and then move down 22nd Street; where it will end at Bryant Street.

Produced by El Colectivo del Rescate Cultural honoring loved ones who have passed and Maestro Juan Pablo Gutierrez, founder of El Colectivo del Rescate Cultural.

According to the Aztec calendar, we are in the year ten Tochtli (rabbit). The day for November 2, 2022 is 5 Kozkakuautli (condor). Condor makes life where there is none. Tochtli in turn is governed by Mayahuel, goddess of the maguay and of fertility.



About Juan Pablo:

Juan Pablo Gutiérrez: The life and legacy of a Latino gay artist, advocate

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