[book launch] “Exiled Moon” by Naomi Quiñonez // SF

Join a very special Women’s History Month Poetry Reading.

Book launch for the 2nd Edition of Exiled Moon, a beautiful collection of poetry by Naomi Quiñonez.

Please come and enjoy, learn and reflect on the images,ideas and messages offered by this all star lineup of poets!

Sunday, March 17th from 5-7 pm
Medicine for Nightmares, SF.

Readings by Naomi Quiñonez, Genny Lim, Avotcja Jiltonilro, and Leticia Hernandez, and music by Ricardo Tavarez.

CGU alum Naomi Quiñonez is an educator, activist, and award-winning poet—a Chicana feminist who explores the world around her and shares her discoveries with audiences throughout the US and abroad.

Exiled Moon offers truth to power and bears witness to the injustices that relegate women and communities of color to the margins of society. This powerful collection of poetry probes the geographical, social and spiritual borders between humanity and inequality.

Poignant observations are woven into richly textured explorations of the forms of exile created by patriarchal systems that separate humans from their sense of purpose and belonging. Femicide, colonization, racism, immigration, patriarchy are some of the issues confronted in this collection.

The moon serves as a symbol for the divine feminine that is in exile from light of day. Poems in this collection also celebrate the power and resiliency of the collective spirit to resist and transcend injustice and to create new centers of existence away from the shadows of exile. Exiled Moon is a call to action to raise one’s fist, one’s voice or one’s own consciousness.

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