Book Release! Oakland Notes on the History of Mayan-Mam Language.

Press Release: Book Release event Mam History: Oakland Notes on the History of Mayan-Mam Language.

Where: 3524 International Blvd – Tacos Los Michoacános (35th and International).
When: Saturday, May 25th 2:00 to 4:00 pm.

Achievement: History Textbook for 11th and 12th grade students on Mayan-Mam history from an Oakland perspective.

Join us for the official book release of Mam History: Oakland Notes on the History of Mayan-Man Language (by Javier Armas) on Saturday at Tacos Los Michoacanos to celebrate the release of this important book. As Oakland has been the home of newcomer immigrant communities for decades, there has been a substantial increase of individuals and families coming from Guatemala who uniquely speak an ancient Mayan language known as Mam.

What is the history of Mam, and how did it develop over the centuries? How many people speak Mam today and how has it evolved within the community in Oakland? What values are transmitted through the Mam language, and how is it taught today? What else can we learn about Mam and its community of speakers?

These questions and more are explored by Mr. Armas, and two high school students, Lorena Mendoza (11th Grade) and Miguel Ortiz Martin (12th Grade). Through their collaborated effort, the authors have produced an important work that helps introduce its readers to brand new, cutting-edge research and analysis of the Mayan-Mam language, drawing on the uniqueness of the Oakland perspective as well as offering new data and interviews with Mam speakers.

Author: Javier Armas
Written with two Oakland high school student Mayan-Mam native speakers.
Publisher: Javier’s Organics
Title: Mam History: Oakland Notes on the History of Mayan-Mam Language

Date of Publication: May 20th, 2024
Pages: 143 pages.

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