BOYCOTT ‘Ostrom’ mushrooms! Support the UFW: Help identify stores that carry Ostrom mushrooms

You can help Ostrom Farm workers workers next time you go shopping!

These Sunnyside, Washington workers have put their jobs on the line to demand change.

They face unfair wages, dangerous conditions, threats from management and excessive pressure to meet unrealistic quotas.

It’s so bad that the WA Attorney General filed a lawsuit against Ostrom last August alleging gender discrimination and retaliation, after the farm fired 79% of its mostly female workforce.

Help ensure Ostrom doesn’t hide their labels or sell mushrooms under a different brand to avoid being accountable to their employees and consumers.

At times they sell under their label “Ostrom Mushroom Farms” but they could be unloading their mushrooms under store brand packaging that is marked as being “produced in Sunnyside, WA” in small print on the sticker. In addition, Ostrom is selling at new locations that are not published.

You can help the UFW the next time you go grocery shopping!


Check out the labeling on the mushrooms your store carries.

If they say “Ostrom Mushroom Farms” or “produced in Sunnyside, WA” snap a photo and send to ufw@ufw.org along with the store name, the address and day you see it.

Follow this campaign at www.ufw.org/ostrom.

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