Caifanes concert // San Jose

Mexico’s iconic rockers arrive in San Jose! See 4 amazing videos below.

Formed in 1987, the band is considered to be one of the most important rock groups to emerge from Mexico for the Rock en Español genre.

Caifanes – comprised of Saúl Hernández (vocals and guitar), Alfonso André (drums), Sabo Romo (bass), and Diego Herrera (keyboards and saxophone) – is the history of the early explosion of rock en español in Mexico!

Sun • Dec 04 • 8:00 PM
San Jose Civic, 135 W. San Carlos St., San Jose, CA 95113

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In the early ’90s, when alt-rock was beginning to take over the mainstream in the U.S., Spanish-language rock bands from Mexico were creating their own rock revolution, influenced by American and British alternative artists as well as traditional Latin music.

The rock en español movement was a massive force in Latin America in the ’90s, and Mexican band Caifanes was at the forefront of it. At its height, the band regularly sold out stadiums in Mexico and opened for The Rolling Stones.

After releasing the landmark 1994 album El Nervio Del Volcán, Caifanes broke up, leaving a short but vital legacy. Like so many major ’90s bands, though, Caifanes reunited for the Coachella festival, and since getting back together in 2011, the band’s four core members have been touring regularly, and they released their first new single since 1994 with last year’s “Heridos.” Although the band is still focused on touring, a new album is finally in the works. “We want to have the space and calm to record new songs,” keyboardist Diego Herrera told La Opinión last month. For Caifanes fans, the long wait may soon be over.


Final album:

Their final years can be viewed as the end of the first chapter of such history. El Nervio del Volcán – which turned 25 in 2019– is a testament of the early years of this music in the mainstream consciousness, but it’s also a tale of friction, as this was the last Caifanes album before they broke up.

Although the album is heavy with meaning and history, there’s no self-importance in it. El Nervio Del Volcán is a front-to-back masterpiece of melody and power, detailed arrangements and rock ragers. It showcases Caifanes as a vital force, the result of a career developing quality songwriting and virtuosic execution.

By fusing many different flavors of alternative rock with various forms of Mexican music, itself formed from many hybrids, Caifanes pioneered a new way to make music indebted to centennial tradition as well as to pop tendencies. No one sounded like Caifanes, and arguably no one has since – although their influence can’t be overstated.





And finally, a video of their entire show!

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