Call for Artists: ¡Afrolatinidad en la Bahia de San Francisco PRESENTE! // SF

Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts invites artists of African ancestry to submit work that reflects the experiences of Afro-Latinos living in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Artists that work on themes related to Afro-Latino culture are invited to submit. Artwork may include prints, painting, sculpture, ceramics, drawing, photography, objects, installations, and audiovisual work (video, digital/alternative multimedia).

Please include the following information for visual arts:

  1. Name of Artist
  2. Contact Information
  3. Title of Art
  4. Media
  5. Dimensions
  6. For Sale / Not for Sale
  7. Amount: $ Note: MCCLA keeps 30% of any sales of art during exhibit)
  8. High resolution photo in the following format: .jpeg .png

Please describe installation, include the following:

  1. Photo of installation / Drawing
  2. Dimensions
  3. Required elements from gallery. (e.g. electrical outlet, loading dock, etc.)

Please note that we have limited equipment available in gallery.
If you require a color on the gallery wall other than white, you need to use removable material and bring your own paint to cover surface (vinyl, plywood, fabric, etc.).

Performing art proposals:
Performing art proposals are also requested. Music, dance, theater, and poetry will be featured throughout the exhibit dates that will open during Black History Month. Performances will be selected among those proposals submitted.

  1. Name of Group
  2. Contact Information
  3. Duration of Performance
  4. Required Fee to Perform

Important Dates:
Deadline to Submit: January 20th
Installation of Artwork: January 29th 11am-5pm
De-installation/Pick-up of Artwork: March 4th after reception or March 5th 11am-1pm
Opening Reception: February 5th
Closing Reception: March 4th

Call for proposals July 23-June 24

We are accepting proposals from multidisciplinary artists that have funding or are seeking funding to present projects at one of the following locations within Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts:
a. Gallery
b. Theater
c. Music, Dance, Art, or Printmaking Studio
d. Community Cafe Lobby

The dates available for presenting during the fiscal year 2023-2024 (July 2023-June,2024) are:
1) August 11- Sept.8
2) Nov. 30 – Dec. 15
3) Jan. 12- Feb. 2
4) Feb. 9- Feb. 23
5) April 12 – April 30
6) June 7- June 28

We are seeking projects that:

Are fully funded and are looking for a space to present their work.
We will also consider a collaboration with artists who are seeking funding to present their work at MCCLA, confirmation is contingent upon securing funding.
We will consider presenting musical or theater groups and split the cost of production.

Please submit your written proposal to:
Deadline for Submission:
January 27, 2023


Llamado a Propuestas 23-24

Estamos aceptando propuestas de artistas multidisciplinarios que tengan financiamiento o estén
buscando financiamiento para presentar proyectos en uno de los siguientes lugares dentro del
Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts:
a. Teatro
b. Galería
c. Estudios de danza, música, arte, o estudio de imprenta
d. Café- Lobby Comunitario

Las fechas disponibles para presentar durante el año fiscal 2023-2024 (julio 2023-junio 2024)

1) 11 de agosto al 8 de septiembre
2) 30 de noviembre al 15 de diciembre
3) 12 de enero al 2 de febrero
4) 9 de febrero al 23 de febrero
5) 12 de abril al 30 de abril
6) 7 de junio al 28 de febrero

Buscamos proyectos que:

Tengan los fondos para producir su proyecto, pero buscan un lugar para presentar.
Proyectos que buscan colaborar con MCCLA para encontrar los fondos económicos para producir y presentar su proyecto en MCCLA. NOTA: Se confirma la fecha de presentación del proyecto cuando los recursos económicos estén disponibles
Buscan ser co-presentadores con MCCLA para presentar su producción en el teatro

Somete tu propuesta por escrito a:
Fecha limite:
27 de enero 2023

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