Calle Limpia Corazón Contento // SF

Calle Limpia Corazón Contento
Calle 24 Latino Cultural District, SF.

In addition to the Calle Limpia of the entire corridor, Calle 24 and Lucia Gonzalez Ippolito will be co-hosting Calle Limpia Corazón Contento on Balmy with food vendors, merchants, artists, and more DJs!


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Calle 24 Latino Cultural District will be implementing a community economic recovery program called Calle Limpia, Corazón Contento launching May 7, 2022 in an effort to reinvigorate the Latino Cultural District and respond to the needs of vulnerable residents, vendors, and unhoused neighbors facing economic hardship.

Calle 24 Latino Cultural District and partnered groups will conduct outreach by providing residents, vendors, unhoused neighbors, and those engaging in self-harm behavior with sufficient resources before they are targeted with citations. Calle 24 is actively working towards partnerships with San Francisco City and County Departments, community-based organizations (CBOs), residents, business owners, and the District 9 supervisor.

Our program kicks off at 10:00AM with speakers from Calle 24 Latino Cultural District and partner organizations who will be speaking at 24th St and Mission. We will be commissioning artists to paint storefronts with micro-murals to further the presence of Latinx Culture and Latinx art! DJs will be spinning tunes on Mission St, South Vaness, Folsom, Harrison, and Bryant to provide music for those volunteers and artists who will be working throughout the 24th St corridor.

A major aspect of Calle Limpia Corazón Contento is our vendorship program, where we seek to legitimize our local street vendors and encourage a path to small business ownership. Calle 24 will be providing vending tables, trash bins, brooms, and proof of participation in our street vending program.



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Food & Drinks

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DJs & Locations

@_djpersia_ 24th & Mission, Carlos Santana Mural
Hosted by
Sazón Libre, Calle 24 Latino Cultural District
DJ Isaías, Mixcoatl, 3201 24th Street
@dj.ladyq, Phillz Coffee, 3101 24th Street
Wray Velez and the Frisco Gang, Taqueria Vallarta, 3033 24th Street
Juicystemz & Space Cholo, Temo’s Cafe , 3000 34th Street
@hellafatkits, Tio Chilos, 2872 24th Street
@ghadi64rag, Brava theater, 2781 24th Street
@DeLaCity & @DJLando1, In the middle of Balmy Alley
@DJjaes1 & @DJfrisk_ on, 25th Street & Balmy

Live podcast by @the_kenekt_podcast

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