Santana, Journey, Steve Millery Band and Dobbie Brothers // San Francisco


Experience congueros, drummers, and Mission District Community to a beautiful mural blessing ceremony. Danza Xitllali, Aztec dancers opened the ceremony! The ceremony was presented by Lisa Bowes, Randolph Bowes, Mark […]

Demand Medicare for All! Canvass in Concord

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed truths about how our capitalist society runs. It has laid bare the injustice, inequality, and indifference to human suffering that are endemic to capitalism. The […]

[video] Annual Mexica New Year ceremony 2021 // San Jose

🔥Virtual Mexica New Year🔥this year. See amazing video from last Saturday!   March 13th at 6 AM PST – 1 PM PST 23rd Annual Mexica New Year 2021 Where: […]

[live] Latina History Day! HOPE’s 30th Annual

  This annual conference is specifically designed to meet the needs of Latina professionals; offering resources, skill development, and networking opportunities to advance their careers and enrich their lives. MAR […]