What is Las Posadas? [history]

Posadas are an important part of Mexican Christmas celebrations. See 3 amazing videos below! They’re held in neighborhoods for 9 nights across Mexico, and also popular in the United States. […]

[live] LA MATRIA FEST: Vivas Seguiremos!

  FEMALE MUSICIANS IN A FREE VIRTUAL FESTIVAL AGAINST FEMICIDE Mujeres músicas presentarán festival virtual gratuito contra el feminicidio. 🎤🎵 This festival marks the culmination of the United Nation’s 16-day […]

[video] NoHayFronteras – Concierto Virtual Internacional

See amazing video now! Please forward to 56th second. https://www.facebook.com/tertulia.rockera/videos/1775158579309015   THURSDAY, DECEMBER 24, 2020 AT 5 PM – 6:30 PM How to watch: FUSION LATINA VIMEO. Price: free. Duration: […]