Chicano Batman @ Stern Grove Festival // SF


Chicano Batman brings their fusion of Latino artistry to the stage at Stern Grove Sunday.

They will be joined by Canadian-Colombian singer Lido Pimienta and San Francisco DJ Juan “Wonway Posibul” Amador.

Doors at 12PM
DJ AT 1pm
19th Avenue and Sloat Boulevard, SF.

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Eduardo emphasizes the passion behind Chicano Batman’s music, which he describes as soulful and infused with a blend of Latin styles, paired with funk, rock, and soul. Their music embodies a unique blend of genres with heartfelt intensity and a commitment to their cultural roots.

Latest album from SoCal’s Chicano Batman, Notebook Fantasy is a body of work that sheds all inhibitions and reveals the sublime expanse of the LA-bred band’s musical imagination.

In the making of their 5th full-length, vocalist/lyricist Bardo, guitarist Carlos Arévalo, and bassist Eduardo Arenas doubled down on their hyper-creative tendencies, discovering new dimensions of their prismatic musicality while infusing their lyrics with a soulful yet unflinching honesty.

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