COMBO CHIMBITA [ages 18 & over] // Oakland

Combo Chimbita w/ Almas Fronterizas & Mare E Fresh (of Chulita Vinyl Club)
Ages 18 and up
Monday, May 09
Doors: 7pm // Show: 8pm

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Starline Social Club Presents

Combo Chimbita
Almas Fronterizas
Mare E Fresh (of Chulita Vinyl Club)

Monday May 9 2022 – Doors @ 7pm
$22 adv // $25 dos


Described by NPR’s Alt.Latino as an “otherworldly presence,” Combo Chimbita is the creative unity of Carolina Oliveros (vocals, guacharaca), Niño Lento es Fuego (guitar), Prince of Queens (bass, synthesizers) and Dilemastronauta (drums), who together transcend common concepts of time and nationality.

Afro-Caribbean transcendance, bewildering chants, booming drums and psychedelic distortion lay the rhythmic foundation for IRÉ; a testament to the ever expanding scope of Combo Chimbita’s sonic palette and their modes of resistance in realms both spiritual and terrestrial.

“Within the saga of Combo Chimbita,” reflects Niño Lento es Fuego about each of the band’s releases, “El Corredor del Jaguar (2016) finds this eternal being lost outside their realm and returning to Abya Yala (2017) in order to heal and restore peace to the continent. Ahomale (2019) appears as a guiding energy of resistance and now IRÉ (2022) represents those chosen to lead the revolution and materialize the good fortunes foretold in their divinations.” Like the jaguar before them, Combo Chimbita carries on; delicate, resilient and roaring.

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