Costco’s 10 Best Holiday Deals right now

Save time and money with our inside tips from Costco! These amazing deals start from $10.

Get a 55 inch tv for $240, amazing knife set $22, cuddly thick socks & slippers $10, 15 inch Lenovo laptop $199, Swiss ‘automatic’ watch $300 [wow!] rugged umbrella $11 and more!

Here’s why we think each is a true amazing buy – explanations are at the bottom of each photo.

Happy shopping everyone!

The men’s version is only $1 more!
Best deal for an authentic Swiss AUTOMATIC watch. [did we highlight ‘automatic’?].
Ooh, these socks are perfect and soft and cozy – for the chilly nights. Grab a pair for your bestie or partner; they’ll love you.
We’ve used Lenovo laptops for years, and this one is perfect for the student, or if you need a larger screen laptop.
Although HISENSE tv’s are from China and don’t get quality ratings, the clarity on this one is pretty good. And a great replacement for the tv in your bedroom.
These pretty knives are dangerously sharp. Watch out! We recommend only for true kitchen experts!
The perfect gift for the hairy gentleman. This gadget replaces a ear and nose trimmer, beard cutter and trimmer, and hair trims.
Clean up your car’s trunk! Isn’t it time?
Amazing deal for a strong and rugged umbrella. Yes, the rains are coming back soon.
Great b-balls can cost close to 100 hundred bucks. This one has a great grip for only $25!

And finally, a small tree!

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