Cubahía Festival // Berkeley

Join us for a family-friendly day of music, dance, and community at Cubahía Festival

Saturday, March 23rd, 2024, from 1:00 pm to 7:00 pm
La Peña Cultural Center in Berkeley, CA.
Tickets: $15-$30. Get tickets at bit.ly/cubahia

🔥 Cubahía Festival 🔥 is a collective vision brought to life by the cultural pioneers Krudas Cubensi and DJ Leydis.

These pillars of Cuban culture and feminism are on a legendary mission, seamlessly blending traditional Afro-Cuban music, poetry, and dance with the rhythms of Hip Hop. Cubahía Festival is a welcoming space and time for diverse communities, including Cuban, Black, Brown, Latine, migrant, and LGBTQAI+ folk.

Alongside, you’ll encounter numerous invited artists, entrepreneurs, and activists.

Don’t miss the momentous premiere of Krudas Cubensi’s new album, “They/them,” an amalgamation of traditional Cuban sounds that, more than a record, is a tool for community healing. Additionally, there will be activities for children, a panel discussing Cuban music, and a captivating visual arts exhibition. Come be part of this vibrant celebration!

🎤🪘 Live Performances:

– 4:00pm – Dj Leydis
– 4:30pm – Obrayan Calderón
– 5:00pm – Dj Set
– 5:15pm – Einar Leliebre Rumba
– 5:45pm – Dj Set
– 6:15pm – Krudas Cubensi Album Release Concert
– A premiere of Krudas Cubensi’s latest album, “They/Them”, an amalgamation of traditional Cuban sounds that, more than a record, is a tool for community healing.

✨ Krudas Cubensi ✨

Cuban Queer Trans Nonbinary Artivists and Feminist Hip-Hop Pioneers based in Oakland, CA, gained international recognition in the Cuban 90’s. Relocating to the US in 2006, they continue to advocate for marginalized communities through independent performances and workshops. Krudxs Cubensi dedicates their craft to representing and empowering Black, Brown, Indigenous, immigrant communities, feminists, trans/queer people, indie artists and activists.

✨ DJ Leydis ✨

Cuban-born DJ Leydis, a key figure in the Cuban Hip-Hop movement, blends contemporary hits with Latin flavors, Hip Hop, Afro Beats, Roots Reggae, and Timba Cubana. Renowned for organizing impactful community events, she made history in 2004 as Cuba’s first female DJ to release a mixtape and co-founded the female hip-hop collective Omega Kilay in the subsequent year. In 2016, she became the first Black Cuban women DJ to showcase Cuban urban music at the White House. Based in Oakland, she co-founded some of the Bay Area’s most influential Cuban Fiestas.
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🎉 Event Schedule

🎨 Kids Programming (1:00 pm)
– Families are welcome! Bring your little ones to enjoy specially curated programming in The Lounge for a day of family fun.

💬 Panel Discussion “Música Cubana: diáspora y presencia en la Bahía” (2:00 pm)..

-Dr. Eva Silot Bravo’s presentation:
“Cuban Music in Diaspora: Beyond Mainstream Music Markets and Cold War Narratives”

Excerpt: Cuban music holds world heritage value. The Cuban diaspora is among the 6 most important Latinx migrant groups in the U.S. However, it appears that no significant development has occurred in Cuban music outside the island since the turn of the 21st century. After the demise of the socialist world at the end of the 20th century, and subsequent crises in the island, Cubans have become a global diaspora with ethnic enclaves located in multiple nations across the world. My presentation documents the significant process of transnationalization of Cuban cultural production since the turn of the 21 century, specifically among a relatively unexplored transnational network among singers, singer-songwriters, jazzists and academically trained musicians. My presentation highlights the need to update and diversify the polarized binary framework of perspectives produced by visible narratives of Cubanidad within and outside the island, to approach the study and reflections on Cuban music as a transnational enterprise since the turn of the century.

Dr. Eva Silot Bravo is an Afro-Cuban author, independent scholar, educator, and former UN diplomat. With a PhD in cultural studies, Spanish and Literatures from the University of Miami (2016), she has a forthcoming book on Cuban music and transnationalism with Palgrave MacMillan. Driven by her commitment to document migrant, Afro-descendant, and female voices, she created the blog Cubanidadinbetween and bilingual podcasts “Miami Alternativo” and “World Culture.” Active in promoting Cuban alternative music in Miami, she is now organizing a Bay Area festival to empower Afro-descendant female and non-binary creative voices.


– Odaymar y Oli, from Krudas Cubensi
– DJ Leydis
– Dr. Greg Landau
– Dr. Eva Silot Bravo

🎶 Cuban Dance Classes with Pablo “El Dinámico” (3:00pm)
– Learn the rich rhythms and moves that define Cuban dance culture with Pablo “El Dinámico.” Open to all levels.

Art Exhibition and Cuban Vendors:

– Support local Cuban vendors in the community room and appreciate the rich visual arts on display throughout the Theater Room.

Featured Vendors:
– Eyesha Botánica
– Los Capiró
– Clandestina Cocina

Get Your Tickets Now! $15-$35
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A Special Thanks to Our Sponsors:
This project was made possible by the generous support of the Alliance for Traditional Arts in California, in partnership with the California Arts Council, The Walter & Elise Haas Fund, and the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. A heartfelt thank you to @caltradarts!

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