EN MOVIMIENTO: 3rd annual fundraiser / release party // San Jose


Mexican Heritage Plaza – Pavilion
1700 Alum Rock Ave. San Jose, CA 95116

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Connect with us at our third annual fundraiser/release party, [ EN MOVIMIENTO ] on Thursday, April 27th, where we celebrate our storytellers with cultural pride along with our team, featured artists, y ustedes! Doors open at 6pm.

This fundraiser supports the work of EASTSIDE Magazine as a collective platform amplifying East San Jose’s rich cultural legacy.

Together, we can create a movement.


Musical talent Francis Experience Quintet, featuring Jonathan Borca (vox), Gabby Horlick (drums), Michael ‘Tiny’ Lindsey (bass), Bernard Sapitola (trumpet), and David Lechuga (guitar), will amp up the ambience on stage throughout the fundraiser.

Can’t have a party without a bussin’ caterer!

@_eastsidekitchen will be joining us at [ En Movimiento ] to add fuel to the 🔥 We’ll have magazine issues of 2023.Ce on hand so you can read all about Jojoe & Daisy’s journey!


[EN MOVIMIENTO ] 2023 features live art by the man behind our recent 2023 magazine covers, J.Duh!
Jorge”J.Duh” Camacho is a first generation Nicaragüenses artist, designer, and muralist who grew into wearing these hats being self/community-taught.

The San José born and raised artist uses the symbiotic duality of his creative process —fine art versus street— to create unique, vibrant, and witty works of art. Jorge expresses the little wonders of life through sharp but explosive line-work, with a cool sense of composition and a keen eye to depict social forces.

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