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BeVisible! Next-Gen Career Networking Platform Deploys Culture for Inclusion & Diversity in Silicon Valley

Latinos Often Lack Access to Career Networking Opportunities. This Platform Aims to Change That!

BeVisible, a next-gen career networking platform founded by Latina entrepreneur Andrea Guendelman, is hosting its first-ever event!

Thursday, May 17th, 2:30 PM – 11:30 PM [schedule is posted below].
The Pearl, San Francisco, CA

It’s where technology, art, music and professional worlds collide in a vibrant and entertaining immersive experience–#BeWokeSF.



BeWokeSF will feature numerous corporate executives, thought leaders, hiring managers and employee resource groups. The mission of the conference is to “dissolve professional and personal barriers to success.”

Under-served young talent in the Bay Area will get to connect directly with companies actively looking to hire them, while celebrating their arts and culture. Central to the event is the acknowledgment that culture offers a pathway towards building truly inclusive institutions, meeting young multicultural talent where they are and how they are.

The coalition of industry insiders speaking at the event, calling for creative action and execution, reflects the network’s commitment to turning theory into practice (more here):

  • Heather Hiles, founder and former C.E.O., Pathbrite
  • Thaddeus Arroyo, CEO of ATT
  • David King, head of Diversity at Airbnb
  • Beatriz Acevedo, Founder of Mitú
  • Sian Morson, Founder and Investor at Backstage Capital
  • Tom Chavez, founder of Krux (Salesforce)






Next-Gen Networking Platform Raises the Bar on Inclusion in Silicon Valley, with a Side of Culture

Diversity is Good. Inclusion is Great. Belonging is Best.



BeVisible, an emerging professional networking platform, is creating an unprecedented conference where technology, art, music and professional worlds collide in a vibrant and entertaining immersive experience.

The conference — BeWokeSF — will take place on May 17, 2018 at the Pearl in San Francisco.

#BeWokeSF (Be Woke San Francisco) pushes the diversity and inclusion conversation forward by bridging the gap between theory and practice. The dynamic event weaves lifestyle & culture into networking & career-building and realizes the possibility of authentic institutional change.

Talented professionals and companies will connect in a space that fully embraces inclusion, diversity, and belonging. At BeWokeSF, women, LGBTQ, non-gender binary individuals, people of color, and individuals of all backgrounds will work together to dissolve professional and personal barriers to success. BeWokeSF is assembling a host of CXO’s, thought leaders, hiring managers, and employee resource groups.

“In the wake of #Metoo, #BlackLivesMatter, and an upsurge of recognition for non-binary gender identities, this event comes at a crucial national moment.” says Andrea Guendelman, founder of BeVisible. “By bringing together leaders from across the diversity field, we will explore what employers and millennials are looking for in the workplace, forge a culture of radical transparency when it comes to talking about gender and race diversity and equal pay, and break down barriers that hinder opportunities for underrepresented groups.” Guendelman explains.


Did you know?

93% of CEO’s and CXO-level leaders of American corporations recognize that their diversity statistics are subpar and a cause of increasing concern among shareholders and employees.

To address this and turn the tide, BeWokeSF will include workshops and discussions on topics like:

  • “Inclusive Leadership” led by David King, AirBnB Head of Diversity
  • “The Role of Latinx in the Times Up/ Me Too World” led by Beatriz Acevedo, Mitú CEO
  • “The Under-appreciated Gold Rush,” an exploration of under-appreciated and underrepresented founders led by Arlan Hamilton, a partner at Backstage Capital
  • “The Authentic Leader: Tapping into your Identity and Personal Story to Rise to the Top” led by Thaddeus Arroyo, CEO of AT&T Business

“The days of diversity as window dressing and inclusion as lip service are over. To drive new opportunities for the under-represented and the under-estimated, we need creative thinking and great execution. BeWokeSF will bring us together to catalyze action and create the roadmap.” Tom Chavez, CEO and Co-Founder, Krux, a Salesforce Company.

BeVisible has created an action-packed experience where multiculturalism is the norm, and where inclusion is synonymous with success.



About BeVisible: BeVisible is a platform that connects next-gen, multicultural talent to opportunity and to each other, unleashing their social, economic, and political capital. BeVisible supports forward-thinking companies to recruit, engage and cultivate multicultural millennial talent.

About BeWokeSF: Hosted by BeVisible, BeWokeSF is an event that helps forward-thinking companies engage, recruit, and develop tools to cultivate the talent of under-represented groups. CXOs, thought leaders, hiring managers, employee resource groups (ERGs), and young multicultural professionals are encouraged to attend to learn, connect and network.

#BeWokeSF | #BeVisibleLatinx

For additional information: https://BeVisible/BeWokeSF
Facebook.com/BeVisibleLatinx | Twitter.com/BeVisibleLatinx | Instagram.com/BeVisibleLatinx

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May 17 2018


Date: 05/17/2018
Time: 2:30 pm - 11:30 pm
Cost: $15 – $125
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