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DJ Jose Ruiz Dance Benefit // Oakland

SABOR: Latin Dance Party with DJ Jose Ruiz // Berkeley

Dear Bay Area Timba Music & Dance Lovers:

Our dear friend, and one of the best DJs in the Bay Area, Jose Ruiz is currently being treated for throat cancer. The prognosis is positive, the effects are negative.

Jose is an important part of our rich Bay Area music scene and I along with many others have been dancing to his amazingly curated DJ sets since the early 90’s. Im organizing a dance party benefit for him on April 15, and hope you’ll come show your support.

We posted his update below.




SABOR Dance Party – Fundraiser for Dj Jose Ruiz // Berkeley


DJ José Ruíz aka MundoMuzik, is a DJ, radio host, promoter, and collector of world music, vinyl, art and all cultural and music ephemera.

Jose’s taste in music is very eclectic, unafraid to mix traditional, experimental or folkloric elements in his sets. His confidence and impeccable taste in music is deeply rooted in the time and research he dedicates to learn about the genres he plays. His respect for the origin and tradition of music he loves can be heard in depth as a radio host and felt when he fills the dance floor.

Jose has been able to stay connected with the pulse of his community, his contagious energy has earned him new followers, he sees music as a way to bring together our diverse backgrounds or as he puts it “to explore and celebrate the diversity of human expression in an increasingly inter-connected world or connecting the dots”.

Follow him on Facebook to keep up with his radio shows and upcoming events throughout the Bay Area!



DJ Jose Ruiz Dance Benefit // Oakland 1


This week I’m finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.


The past two months I had become a shell of myself. Isolated in the depths of my pain, I was crawling in darkness. Dragging myself. Not knowing if I was moving forward. Stopping only to gasp from exhaustion, to cry, to bleed, to lift my head in hopes of catching a glimpse of the light. To no avail. I was pushed to the brink of death and just as I was falling over the edge, I was yanked back. Lifted and blessed to see the tiny sparkle of light. With each step I am slowly being immersed into the warmth of recovery. Less bleeding, more sleep, renewed energy. I have a long way to go but I can feel myself hopeful again that there are better days in sight. I am still on the feeding tube, weighing in at a mere 116 pounds. I have lost 23% of my hearing which may or may not be permanent. They will test me again in three months at which point they will decide whether or not I will need a hearing aid. I’m working with a speech pathologist to help recover the strength in my throat muscles to swallow, which I have not done in over a month. All of this going on yet more hopeful than ever. Thank you for your continued support from near and far. I look forward to reentering the world again in the near future and celebrating with all of you. Much love, Jose.

April 15 2017


Start: 04/15/2017 @ 9:00 pm
End: 04/16/2017 @ 1:30 am
Cost: $10
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