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[exhibit] Adrian Delgado’s “Contrapposto” // Oakland

[exhibit] Adrian Delgado’s “Contrapposto” // Oakland 3

LOCATION: 1951 Telegraph Ave. Oakland, CA
Sanchez Contemporary | Tertulia Coffee
Exhibit Dates: February 24, 2018 – March 31, 2018

Sanchez Contemporary presents Adrian Delgado’s “Contrapposto”.

The “Contrapposto” series was inspired by the current political tension in America. The intention of this series is to discredit the stereotype and oxymoron: “immigrants are lazy and are stealing our jobs” by documenting said individuals and their lives, struggles and contributions.

Contrapposto is an extremely important sculptural development in Western art, its appearance marks the first time that the human body is used to express a psychological disposition. The balanced, harmonious pose suggests a calm and relaxed state of mind, an evenness of temperament that is part of the ideal of man represented.

Within this series Adrian seeks to showcase objects in their form, color, and relation to space. Adrian uses hues of different colors in the highlights and shadows of the objects, which introduces an expressive, emotive aspect in his work. The artist uses texture and brushwork to move the eye within the work.

Contrapposto is about Americans, it has a depth. The people represented in these paintings are hard workers, people who hold this country together, some of them do jobs others wouldn’t do; they represent my family, your family, our ancestors and the foundation of this country. To be American is to seek and seize opportunity. The artist’s ultimate goal is to invoke the viewer to find both a universal and personal connection to the artwork, for the viewer to recognize their own privileges and how their ancestors (ultimately who were immigrants to this country) contributed to the history of America.


[exhibit] Adrian Delgado’s “Contrapposto” // Oakland


Exhibit Dates: February 24, 2018 – March 31, 2018


Artist Biography:

Adrian Delgado graduated from California College of the Arts in 2014. Adrian currently works as a preporator (art handler) at SFMOMA’s Collection Center. On his daily commute Adrian gathers inspiration for his content from observing the people he encounters and their pursuit.

The Contrapposto series is a continuation of his two previous series and is a combination of representing the people he sees and the modern artwork and techniques he encounters daily.

Adrian recently participated in MACLA’s 6th Chicana/o Bicentennial and exhibited series, “Pursuit” at El Comalito Collective and “Unsung Heroes” at Artiszen Cultural Arts Center in Vallejo, California; the series were well received by the community.

Adrian’s mediums include oil painting, mosaics, printmaking, and watercolors. He uses a combination of content, technique and execution to express emotion. Adrian uses art as a way understand himself and his surroundings. His work is meant to have a universal and personal connection.

Quotes from the artist, Adrian Delgado

“The focus of my artwork continues to center around the idea of struggle in America today. My work is reflective of my beliefs of identity – the struggle to define and debunk who we are (Mexican, American, Chicanxs, Latinxs, Immigrants, people of this land, human beings), along with the boxes we have been put into either by mainstream media and/or the current president of the United States of America (and/or people that he represents). This new series centers on people working and in motion; with a focus on the figure often with their back towards the audience. The figure’s back towards audience represents how these figures are turned away from America – the America which they break their backs for.”

“I use the contrapposto arrangement used in Ancient Greek sculptures that would show the figure in a relaxed but also in action position. I am also showing figures the way they are painted in 1950s Mexican murals with stretched bodies in stress.”

“You know I constantly find myself asking “What does it mean to be patriotic?” Some Americans think it’s waving a flag. I feel this work explores the idea that patriotism is actually really about the work people put into the country and how we can work along one another.”

“My goal with this series is to showcase that being American does not come from the privilege and/or fact of being born here rather the struggle that comes from pursuing and seizing opportunity.”


March 06 2018


Start: 03/06/2018 @ 12:00 pm
End: 03/21/2018 @ 5:00 pm
Cost: FREE
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Sanchez Contemporary

1951 Telegraph Ave,
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