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Fandango Jarocho – Son Jarocho Jam Session // Berkeley

Fandango Jarocho – Son Jarocho Jam Session // Berkeley

Enjoy a lively evening of music, dancing, and zapateado– bring your dance shoes and instruments, or just come and enjoy the music and dance!

Son Jarocho is a lively traditional art form from the southern Mexican state of Veracruz that sits on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico.

It is a lyrical and danceable music genre that formed in the melding of three cultures: Arabic-Spanish, African and indigenous Mexican.  It is at the same time highly improvised and highly structured—filled with complex poly-rhythms and musical dialogue in its dance, song, poetry and music.  The basic instrumentation of the son jarocho includes the jarana jarocha, guitarra de son (both guitar-like instruments) and zapateado (percussive footwork).  Regional variations include the harp and various percussive instruments such as quijada, pandero, marimbol or cajón, with the latter two instruments being contemporary additions.

June 16 2017


Date: 06/16/2017
Time: 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Cost: FREE
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