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[film] Have You Seen Her, La Misión?

Hosted by Roxie Theater and Cine+Mas SF / San Francisco Latino Film Festival
Jul 10 at 3 PM – Jul 16 at 6 PM. Donations are welcome.
Where: Facebook page.



This retrospective showcases the varied responses to the transformations experienced in the Mission District during the late 1990s dot.com boom.

All the filmmakers– most Mission born and/or residents, several making their first film–represent locations and people in remarkably personal voices and dynamic film styles.

This program is dedicated by its co-curators, Sergio de la Mora and Vero Majano, in loving memory of Nora Cadena (1962-2018). It was part of the 2018 Cine+Mas SF / San Francisco Latino Film Festival.

Presented by RoxCine. Co-presented by Cine+Mas SF / San Francisco Latino Film Festival.


Ni aquí, ni allá (Neither Here, nor There), Nora Cadena, director and producer, 1998, 20 minutes, documentary. In Spanish with English subtitles.

This documentary features street vendors in the Mission District and focuses on Latin American immigrants that are in limbo, or purgatory as one of the film’s subjects puts it. Feeling unwanted in their new country and alienated from their homelands, they exist emotionally in a liminal space yet thrive, doing their best to live a better life.


Algún día (Someday), Pepe Urquijo, dir., 1998, 27 minutes, narrative. In English and Spanish with English subtitles.

Making use of melodrama and neo-realist techniques, Algún día traces the struggle of Latin/o American immigrants in the Mission District during the anti-immigrant Proposition 187 campaign, focusing on the experiences of the González family. Together they try to overcome the racism and xenophobia fomented by the politics of then governor of California Pete Wilson.

Calle Chula, Vero Majano, director and producer, 1998, 12 minutes, experimental.

Calle Chula is the personification of a street that borders the Mission Dolores cemetery. She is a teenage Salvadoran/Ohlone trying to make sense of the changes brought on by colonization, dislocation, and gentrification of the Mission district. Tracing the history of the Mission from its first residents, the Ohlone Indians, Calle Chula explores the waves of re-colonization and its effects on memory and memory loss.

I Reminisce, Vero Majano, director and producer, 2004, 3 minutes, experimental.

Looping archival footage from 1961 and the early 1980s, take a slow cruise down Mission Street to the rhythm of a golden oldie. Catch a glimpse of different times, places and people.

That Mission Rising!, Alfred Hernandez, director and producer, 1998, 8 minutes, experimental.

Shot in black and white, Super 8mm in San Francisco and Sequoia National Park, That Mission Rising! explores the effects of colonialist/industrialist mentality on the natural Californian landscape and psyche.


New Mission, Armand Emamdjomeh, director and producer, 5 minutes, documentary.

New Mission documents daily life in the Mission District on black-and-white film over the span of two years between 2008-2010. The film is set to the poem “In Twenty Years,” written and read by Marcella Ortiz.

July 15 2020


Start: 07/15/2020 @ 3:00 pm
End: 07/16/2020 @ 5:00 pm
Cost: $5 – $20
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