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2 shows! Metalachi @ Moe’s Alley // Santa Cruz

Hola Santa Cruz CA! What is the only thing better than a hardcore night of riding the loco train with Metalachi: The World’s First and Only Heavy Metal Mariachi Band?

How about 2 nights of horrible decision making? This weekend, Metalachi returns to SC with two nights of epic for the Santa Cruz Chapter of Metalachi Nation.

Get ready for an action packed weekend starting this Friday August 30th and Saturday August 31st at Moe’s Alley, Santa Cruz as we come to rock along with Coffee Zombie Collective (Friday) and Shark in the Water (Saturday).



Tickets are on sale now so get yours for one or both nights. The memories will last a lifetime, the hangover….10-12hrs.

Doors at 8pm 21+.

Tickets here:

(Friday) http://www.moesalley.com/tickets.php?show_id=2972










On a hot summer night in Veracruz Mexico circa 1982, Consuela Espinoza stumbled out of her dilapidated shanty and into Rock N Roll history. What began as an innocent night of snorting horse tranquilzers in a hotel room with seven members of the village jai alai team went on to produce the greatest metal band to ever live. Unhampered by a steady regime of tequila and ill advised sumo lessons, nine months later five bastard children where born. Unable to care for her hungry offspring and concerned that motherhood would seriously interfere with her Tuesday night Karaoke league, Consuela hastily packed the babies into the saddlebags of a burro and sent her children off to America in search of a better life. Against all odds, 14 years later, and nearly dead from dehydration, the burro knelt down to drink from the stagnant waters of the Rio Grande just ouside of Juarez Mexico –mere yards from the U.S. border. With one fleeting burst of energy the brothers Espinoza cinco climbed from their leather restraints and scampered the vast reaches of the river, collapsing onto the sweet amber hue of American soil. As if by destiny, lodged in the sand beneath their tanned faces was a record sleeve upon which were the words “PARANOID” and “BLACK SABBATH”. For many years to follow, this definitive black metal album served not only as a teacher and a mentor..but also as a friend. From these bleak and humble begins grew the seed that would eventually be the band we know today. Often referred to as the greatest heavy metal band to ever live..always referred to as…METALACHI.



“There’s a video on YouTube from about 15 years ago of a band called the Real Jimmies, four young guys who used to busk on Pacific Avenue. One of them grew up to be Nate Lieby, the lead singer of Santa Cruz’s freakishly inventive cover band Coffee Zombie Collective. The video is a portrait of the artist as a young crazy man: while the acoustic rock quartet plays Weezer’s “Say It Ain’t So,” Lieby wails on a stand-up drum kit, dances, and occasionally blows a kazoo in between singing and interacting with passers-by at the corner of Pacific and Cooper.

“That’s where it all comes from,” Lieby admits of the showmanship he’s known for with Coffee Zombie Collective. “I built the stand-up drum kit. I had to find a way to get up in people’s faces.”

He’s still getting in their faces—and still covering Weezer, actually, via the monster medley CZC has built around “Come Undone” (aka “The Sweater Song”) that they call “The Sweadley.” Lieby’s put a lot of time into Santa Cruz bands that did original songs over the years—the Sneaky Creekans, 300 lbs.—but in the last five years he’s returned to covers, and it’s sort of like the Real Jimmies days all over again. Only a lot weirder.

Coffee Zombie Collective started when Lieby was fooling around learning songs on the ukulele after his daughter was born. Dustin Di Mauro, who would become the group’s guitarist, came over to jam one afternoon. “We must have played for three hours straight, all these covers,” says Lieby. And despite the fact that they were playing acoustic, “we still managed to get the cops called on us.”

Nieby then roped his wife Kristi, who had been learning banjo in fits and starts, into the band, along with Peco Davis on bass, Joel Di Maurio on mandolin, Brian Forsse on trumpet and Sean Ring handling percussion.

So … a bluegrass band that covers rock songs? Not exactly. “We’ve never followed the bluegrass aesthetic,” Lieby says. “We’ve got a trumpet in there, and I’m playing the drums with my feet.”

Though the instrumentation is obviously pretty rootsy, Coffee Zombie Collective are known for their weird twists on covers. Like turning Talking Heads’ “Burning Down the House” into a ska song, or adding call-and-response to Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” Lemmy would hardly recognize their cover of Motorhead’s “Ace of Spades” (but he’d like it once he did). And their mutant versions spin off even further in their live shows.

The group was surprised and thrilled to win a Nextie; Lieby says they’ve been stunned at the way their quirky vision has been accepted in the local music scene. “We’re all completely mystified. We did it expecting nothing,” he says.

But they have worked hard to support Santa Cruz’s quirkiness, too, playing at all kinds of local events—last month it was the Santa Cruz Mountain Bike Festival, a UCSC gig and Earth Day, among their other shows.

“The Kale Festival asked us to play. It was like ‘Yeah!’ Rock Scissors Paper Tournament? ‘We’ll play that!’” says Lieby. “I want this band to be part of Santa Cruz. We’re straight outta Live Oak.”

-Steve Palopoli, Santa Cruz Good Times

August 31 2019


Date: 08/31/2019
Time: 8:00 pm - 11:30 pm
Cost: $20
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Moe’s Alley

1535 Commercial Way
Santa Cruz, CA United States

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