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Narcos: Season 2 // Netflix

Narcos: Season 2 // HBO

Update! Did you know Narcos has a Season 3 and Season 4? See below for details!

“Narcos”  follows cocaine kingpin Pablo Escobar’s ruthless climb. Netflix brings the second season back, with 10 new episodes.

In the second season, notorious drug kingpin Pablo Escobar is on the run with the Colombian authorities in relentless pursuit — and determined to put an end to his illegal activities.

  • The first ten episodes comprised a journey that began in the late ‘70s and continued through 1992.
  • The show’s second season covers the action between the first season finale and the end of 1993.





Narcos: Season 2 // Netflix


About Season 2

Most people know that Escobar’s reign did not end cleanly or peacefully, but that’s beside the point. It’s worth our while to accompany Escobar once again as the show picks up where it left us, with the drug lord’s tense escape from his so-called prison, La Catedral, as government forces closed in.

A great deal happened in the year after Escobar left his stronghold. While the army’s failure to apprehend Escobar betrayed its weakness, other cartels saw an opportunity to knock off their most powerful competition. The war escalated, and as Escobar’s influence waned he became increasingly erratic and more dangerous.

As fascinating as it can be to watch the ascendance of a monster such as Escobar, the fall can be even more captivating. Escobar’s final tumble was relatively quick, violent, and left a highway of carnage behind him. Faded evening news footage, some of which is interspersed within each episode, includes glimpses of death squad victims, the aftermath of retaliatory car bomb explosions, and bodies of cops slain in the streets.

But the greatest strength of these new episodes lies in Moura’s expansion of his character’s portrait, allowing us to contemplate the chilling dichotomy of Escobar’s personality. He doesn’t shy away from embodying the frowning brute who erupted in violence and terrorized his foes, but he’s also convincing as he plays Escobar as the loving, dedicated husband, or the gentle father who gifts bunnies to his daughter.  Read more.


About Seasons 2 and 3



Excerpt Remezcla

Apparently it’s time to start getting pumped for Narcos season three!

That’s right, we can now officially look forward to a third – and fourth! – season of the Colombian crime opera, and Netflix has even released a short announcement video to ease the comedown from this weekend’s binge-watching.

In the clip, a static portrait of Wagner Moura’s Pablo Escobar blurs and slowly fades from view, giving way to a similar portrait of Damián Alcázar as Cali Cartel capo Gilberto Rodríguez Orejuela. Between the two shots an intertitle treats us to a clever play on words: “The blow must go on.” To the uninitiated, the thirty-second clip may not seem to carry a loft of narrative heft, but anyone who’s made their way through season two will probably understand exactly what’s being suggested here.

If you haven’t finished yet, you’ve at least read Escobar’s Wikipedia page at some point so no need to freak out about spoilers. The important thing here is that – much like Latin America’s long, complex relationship with the US’s drug habit – Narcos is going to be around for a while to come. Oh, and we’ll also be getting a lot more Damián Alcazar.

Keep a look out for season three sometime in 2017.

September 12 2016


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