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3 Super Bowl commercials Fight Trump’s Racism

3 Super Bowl commercials Fight Trump's Racism

3 Beer commercials fight Trump’s immigration plan on Super Bowl Sunday.

Excerpt MiGente


1. Corona just launched an EPIC response to Trump’s Border Wall

The Modelo beer company in Mexico, which Corona is a part of, just launched an epic tv ad that stands up to Trump’s earlier insults and now policy attacks.

It’s as if they were watching Calle 13’s ‘Latinoamerica‘ and thought, “we can do this but sell beer and tell Donald Trump f-u at the same time.” Best of all, they might have just started a new hashtag, #desfronterízate.


Videos 1-2:



2. Budweiser’s new ad is a Superbowl subtweet to Trump

It would be just another ‘coming to America’ type Super Bowl ad filled with bootstraps and adversity. It would be, if it weren’t being aired during the first 100 days of President 45’s all out assault on reality, history, and current policy.

The ad starts with “You don’t look like you’re from around here” and ends with a struggling man finding a welcome place (in St. Louis, MO).

Video 3:

February 05 2017


Date: 02/05/2017
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