[exhibit] Milagros and Memories // Sausalito

Iconic Latino Artists Showcased at Sausalito’s Dia De Los Muertos-Inspired Exhibition.

A new exhibit, titled Milagros and Memories, is open now through Nov. 12th at the Sausalito Center for the Arts.

On Nov. 12th from 1pm – 4pm, Talavera Ballón, an SF based oil painter and muralist, will be appearing at the Sausalito Center for the Arts to discuss his work, “Stories of Migration Told through Art.

  • Sausalito Center For The Arts
  • 750 Bridgeway
  • Sausalito, CA 94965
  • Open Wednesday – Sunday, 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM


About exhibit:

It features iconic latin american artists like the late Michael Roman, who designed artwork & clothing for both Carlos Santana and Madonna before eventually becoming a legendary figure in the Latin American art scene and a major influence for San Francisco-based artists.

The legendary Carlos Santana, himself a long-time supporter of Latin American artists, has visited the exhibit multiple times to celebrate the work of the featured artists, even wearing a series of his Michael Roman shirts.

“This is really a great exhibition,” Santana says. “We should do more to show multi-dimensional, new paradigm, and new narrative art such as this… We need hope and courage, we need (as Bob Marly says) new vibration. But, more than anything, we need enthusiasm–which is what fuels creativity. If you are enthusiastic, you can create. Youngsters need to learn how to be enthusiastic, which will make them creative.”

The Milagros and Memories exhibition shares the voice and the spirit of contemporary Bay Area Mexican American & Latino artists. The gripping and highly symbolic art represents a complex and dynamic culture that pulls elements from its historical Mexican, Latin, and indigenous roots, all presented with a modern twist.

Artists exhibited include:

Juana Alicia Araiza, Carmen Lomas Garza, Juan Fuentes, Michael Roman, Calixto Robles, Michael V. Rios, Emanuel Montoya, Emanuel Paniagua, Ester Hernandez, Ozono Tirso Araiza, Talavera Ballón, Isidoro Angeles, Ernesto Olmos, Vladimir Cuevas, Oscar Morales, Karina Ramirez-Cortez, Sol Navarrete.

Past video:

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