[exhibit] Naturaleza Humana featuring Elizabeth Gomez // Redwood City

Opening in July! “Naturaleza Humana” features artwork by Elizabeth Gomez.

The Caldwell Gallery 400 County Center, Redwood City

Free and open to the public M-F 8-5.

In Naturaleza Humana, artist Elizabeth Gomez explores what it means to be a human animal in the environment.

This exploration of reality takes place through fantastical transformations typical of Latin American art. Gomez uses patterns and over decoration found in the popular arts of Mexico.

Elizabeth Gomez is a professional artist and community organizer born and raised in Mexico City, residing in the Bay Area since 1991.

Gomez has taught art for many years to all ages. She paints, illustrates books, leads community murals, and makes art installations: Gomez says “My proudest moment is finishing a 750 sq. ft. mosaic mural made with the help of over 700 community members, of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds during the pandemic.

We made mosaic animals and plants of California to celebrate its nature.”

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