[exhibit] Opening! Geografías Paralelas: Arceo • Coronado • Fernández // Berkeley

Join the opening of Geografías Paralelas: Arceo • Coronado • Fernández, and exhibition showcasing the work of three prinkmakers from Latin America and the Caribbean.

February 12th, 5pm – 7pm.
CARe Doug Adams Gallery
2465 Le Conte Ave, Berkeley, CA 94709-1209

Artists Pepe Coronado and Sandra C. Fernández will be in attendance to speak about their work.

And enjoy live music and refreshments!


About exhibit!


Geografías Paralelas (“parallel geographies”), explores the multicultural and bilingual experiences of three artists who migrated to the USA as young adults from Latin America and the Caribbean.

Artists René Arceo (Mexican), Pepe Coronado (Dominican), and Sandra C. Fernández (Ecuadorian) present a diverse array of cultural influences and personal interests, allowing for rich interactions on the interconnectedness of geographies both real and imagined.

We’re excited to announce our Spring 2024 exhibition, Geografías Paralelas: Arceo • Coronado • Fernández.

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