[exhibit] “Dualidad” by RPSC // Oakland

Rock Paper Scissors Collective. 2120 Martin Luther King Jr. Way Oakland, Ca.
Hours: Weekends: 1-5pm.


Rock Paper Scissors Collective is proud to present an exhibition of paintings and drawings from artists Alex Sodari and Jacqueline Krase. The art will be on display at the gallery at Rock Paper Scissors Collective.

Meeting at the California College of the Arts while studying Illustration, Jacqueline and Alex connected over their Bay Area upbringing and roots in northwestern Mexico. They have collaborated on canvas paintings and murals, and live painted together at numerous events and festivals around California. This show brings together a mix of collaborative paintings and solo works by each of the artists.

At the center of the exhibition are two large collaborations in acrylic on canvas, each painted live at various events and finished in the studio.

Also included is a selection of smaller solo works on paper done in watercolor, gouache. The show will also feature a floral and botanical installation to transform the space.

Alex Sodari (He/They) was born in San Francisco and has resided on Ohlone land in Oakland for the past ten years.

He is a member of Rock Paper Scissors Collective, editor of the Lazer Zine comics anthology, and cofounder of the Mission Art and Comic Expo. He is also a graduate from the California College of the Arts with a BFA in illustration. Evolving from a style of psychedelic and science fiction inspired work, Alex’s current paintings emphasize a process of personal and spiritual growth and celebrate his native (Yaqui/Apache) heritage and roots in Arizona.

Jacqueline Krase-Ochoa is an illustrator and florist from the Bay Area currently based in San Diego, CA.

Jacqueline holds a BFA in illustration from the California College of the Arts. Focusing on personal work following graduation, her paintings reflect her mixed background, mainly inspired by her maternal family’s roots in Mexico. Recently she has focused on integrating more plants and floristry into her artwork as her explorations with subject matter and mediums continue to evolve.

Rock Paper Scissors Collective is a DIY Arts Nonprofit serving the Oakland Art Community since 2004, co-founding the Oakland Art Murmur.

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