[free] Day of the Dead Celebration & Concert @ MCCLA // SF

November 2: Day of the Dead Community Celebration, Concert 6-10pm.

Join us at Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts for a Bombazo honoring and celebrating our loved ones’ ancestor’s lives!

Experience Alma Moyo’s last convivió with us (for now) here in the Bay Area before they head back to New York! Part of their Dia de los Muertos events.

7pm – Mission Cultural Center lobby.





Alma Moyó is a diaspora born, cultural cabildo dedicated to the preservation of Puerto Rico’s oldest living African musical and cultural tradition, la bomba.

Founded in 2002, under the musical direction of Alexander LaSalle from Moca, Puerto Rico, Alma Moyo is a multi-generational group of musicians and educators committed to cultural cimarronaje through the creation, preservation, and dissemination of Afro-Boricua bomba. Inspired by master musicians and elder artisans who lovingly and painstakingly preserve la bomba against the backdrop of New York City’s dynamic and complex landscape, Alma Moyo’s music is a collective cry for liberation, joy, and wholeness for all people.


See video about MCCLA’s amazing exhibit!

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