[free] Diana Gameros @ Yerba Buena Gardens Festival // SF

Diana Gameros
Yerba Buena Gardens Festival
760 Howard Street, SF.

Free. Outdoors. Fresh. | Yerba Buena Gardens Festival.

If difficult times call for extraordinary voices, Berkeley singer, songwriter and guitarist Diana Gameros is the woman for the hour.

The Mexican-born songstress draws on her experience as an immigrant in exploring the plight of border crossers of all stripes, bringing luminous humanity to a topic too often addressed with searing heat rather than clarifying light.

As a recording artist she’s documented her beautifully crafted original songs on 2013’s Eterno Retorno and the beloved Mexican standards of her youth with 2017’s Arrullo. Joined by Patrick Wolff on tenor sax and clarinet and Thomas Edler on upright and electric bass, Gameros brings the same warm charisma to the Gardens that has made her welcome on stages with the San Francisco Symphony, Taylor Mac, Bebel Gilberto, Natalia Lafourcade and Joan Baez.

Part of Yerba Buena Gardens Festival’s Weekend Sessions series. For all Latino shows schedule, click below!

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