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[videos] Enrique Chagoya: A Conversation on Books, Censorship, and Collaboration // SF

BIG PROPS to SF’s Legion of Honor’s LATINO Museum day for hosting Enrique Chagoya, Art professor from Stanford.

Mr. Chagoya’s art is the ONLY that uses the Aztec & Mayan codices; The Spanish conquistadors destroyed all but 4.

Video 1: Interview at SF’s Legion of Honor museum.

Lecture event details:

February 26th, 2022, 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
John A. and Cynthia Fry Gunn Theater
Legion of Honor museum: Lincoln Park
100 34th Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94121

Through his artist books, Enrique Chagoya creates a visual critique of history and current social issues with humor and satire.

Hear Chagoya speak about his past experiences with art vandalism, censorship, and the lessons it has taught him, including the importance of creating honest dialogues.

This presentation will be followed by a conversation with Don Farnsworth, director of Magnolia Editions, on their new collaborations and Chagoya’s digital projects.

See video 2:

About Exhibition:

Borderless: Artist’s Books by Enrique Chagoya

This is the first exhibition to focus exclusively on Chagoya’s artist’s books.

As a child growing up in Mexico City, Enrique Chagoya often visited the monuments at Teotihuacán with his family.

Chagoya’s ongoing study of Mesoamerican history and the legacy of colonialism continue to inform his politically charged work as a prominent artist and professor of art at Stanford University. In the books on view in Borderless, he addresses history in a new way.

Chagoya’s pieces take their form from accordion-fold books of the Mayans, Mixtec-Zapotecs, and Aztecs that were painted on amate, a paper made from the bark of wild fig trees. Chagoya’s collaged, time-traveling, absurdist overlays manage to conflate concepts of anthropology with contemporary sociopolitical issues to create a head-spinning and potent remix of history. He calls it “reverse anthropology,” a humorous way to see ourselves in the mirror, but the deeper political messages are also clear.

See entire lecture below!

Contact Professor Chagoya:

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