[free] Tardeada & Bike Ride Celebration “Before Silicon Valley” // San Jose

Celebrating the completion of the Before Silicon Valley Project, Mexican Agricultural and Cannery Workers of Santa Clara County 1920-1960.

Join this free community event to honor Mexican American history in the Santa Clara Valley on Saturday, October 14th!

1. Bike Ride:

This project celebration will include a bike ride of Mexican historic sites in downtown and Eastside (11 am to 1 pm) that will end at a Tardeada/Family Dance at San Jose City Hall Plaza (1-4 pm).

2. Fiesta:

The Tardeada will include a Mexican Big Band Orchestra (The Bernie Fuentes Band-15 piece orchestra) playing Mexican Swing Music

DJ (Juan Antonio Cuellar) from Arhoolie Foundation curating Mexican music played in California 1920-19601.


Food truck.

4 mini-documentaries (Mexican Cannery Workers, Mexican Migrant Agricultural Workers, Mexican Music and Bands, and Mexican American Civil Rights: Focus on San Jose Community Service Organization (CSO)); an introduction to our website and a commemoration of those people we have interviewed over the 17 years of collecting history for this project.

Closing out Hispanic Heritage Month, you are invited to a Tardeada & Bike Ride Celebration at San Jose City Hall on October 14, 2023.

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