Get FREE or low cost WIFI! Infrastructure Bill by President Biden

New Infrastructure Law Includes $65 Billion for Improving Internet Access. See below how to apply!

For example: WAVE currently offers 100 GB of wifi service for only $20. This includes labor & router. Normal price is $100.


The federal government is allocating about $65 billion to improve broadband internet access in rural areas and make broadband more affordable for lower-income households across the U.S.

The internet provisions are included in the $1 trillion-plus Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act signed into law recently by President Joe Biden.

States will receive large grants to pay for internet improvements.

The legislation extends a federal discount on broadband service for low-income families.

And it requires clear, uniform labeling of internet prices that will help consumers compare plans and understand the fees on their monthly bills.

Consumer advocacy organizations, including Consumer Reports, hailed the measure as a major step toward addressing internet inequalities in the U.S.

The infrastructure law also includes new spending for the nation’s roads, bridges, and railways, along with funding for clean-water projects and upgrades to electric grids.

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Video: explanation of low cost or free program!


How to qualify!

Attention families! Here’s how to get LOW-COST WIFI for you and your kids. This program is limited and will expire soon!

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