Here’s NORDSTROM RACK’s next Clearance Sale!

The best fashion deals in our Bay Area is definitely from Nordstrom Rack!

Here you’re able to find under one stop – lots of high fashion, high quality brands at super low prices!

Grab deals on shoes, jackets, dresses, suits, blazers, and of course, colorful Spring stuff.

Fashionistas! Did you hear this?

Important vitals to know about:

The sale is 25% off all the clearance items.

The first day is Wednesday, March 22nd is only available for Nordstrom card members.

The following days, Thursday until Sunday, is open to the public.

So there’s 2 ways you can shop!

You can either shop online [link below] or drive directly to a store.

Ready for the biggest clearance sale! Click below!

Another fashion tip!

Don’t overlook a store with great clearance items: It is TJMAX.

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