Los Tigres Del Norte “La Reunion Tour” // San Jose

La Reunión tour is presented by Zamora Live.

Los Tigres Del Norte “La Reunion Tour” Celebrano El Dia De Los Enamorados.
Sat • Feb 19 • 8:00 PM
SAP Center at San Jose, San Jose, CA.

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Los Tigres del Norte Adds 2022 Dates To La Reunion Tour, Unveils New EP.

The legendary Norteño band, which kicked off a tour in September, is set to continue with 40 confirmed dates in 2022, including Feb. 11 at Ontario’s Toyota Arena, Feb. 19 at San Jose’s SAP Center, March 12 at New York’s UBS, and for the first time in their career, Los Angeles’ Staples Center on April 2.

In addition to going on tour, Los Tigres del Norte—Jorge Hernández, Eduardo Hernández, Luis Hernández and Oscar Lara—will premiere their upcoming EP, named after the tour, on Dec. 3. The set will include six tracks, including the previously released title track.

Known as la voz del pueblo, or the voice of the people, Los Tigres del Norte have consistently spoken out against issues that directly impact the Latinx community. Through lyrics, documentaries and activism, the norteño band — whose career spans over five decades — has explored topics like immigration, gun violence and, most recently, cash bail reform.

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