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[video] Meet the international artists of “Raíces: el libro de los caminos” theater show in San Jose

Join us for La Hora del Mitote to meet all of the incredible artists of Raíces: el libro de los caminos which starts July 7 – 17 in San Jose!

Learn how this show was created with community in two countries, see some of the one-of-a-kind masks and props, and get excited to take the magical journey of Raíces: el libro de los caminos!

Tip! Learn about this theater performance which opened on July 7th here!

See video!

About new theater show!

Artists and community members from the Bay Area and México came together to create this unique and powerful performance. This is your chance to learn all about this special international collaboration.

Teatro Visión’s Artistic Director Rodrigo García will be joined by La Quinta Teatro members Salomón Santiago, Carolina Pimentel, Merced García, Alfredo Romero, and Viridiana Mendoza, as well as by local Raíces: el libro de los caminos actors Ugho Badú, Josef Martínez, Janvier Berber, and Carolina Santander.

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Click below for your tickets to the amazing theater show opening on July 7th!

[theater] Raíces: El libro de los caminos / Roots: The Book of Journeys // San Jose

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