MEXICA festival in San Francisco

MEXICA NEW YEAR! Occupy on streets with cultura!❤️


The Mexica New Year is the celebration of the new year according to the Aztec calendar.

The date on which the holiday falls in the Gregorian calendar depends on the version of the calendar used, but it is generally considered to occur at sunrise on 12 March. The holiday is observed in some Nahua communities in Mexico.



About event:


Dj on one plaza
Live band on other.

Lowrider parking from 24th to 25th on Mission bring them lows out
Cruise the evening away.

We got danzantes preforming for the new year

Vendors will be out so you can get you some goodies

Things for the kids to do while you kick it

Come to 24 for a great family event
Invite a friend or 2
Show them how the homies from the barrio do it
From us to the community.


Learn more about Mexica history below!

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