Mocha de Olla flavor for FREE by Casa Q [San Jose]

Finally after supply chain, shipping issues and a warehouse sickout our Mocha de Olla drink mix is finally here! [see photo below].

Mocha de Olla is a perfect blend of traditional Café de Olla and Mexican hot chocolate. This heartwarming drink is made with the finest cocoa, coffee, cinnamon and vanilla. No promo code needed at

The fact is this particular flavor was a mistake from the beginning when I was working on new recipes. We mixed the ingredients to Cafe de Olla and Mexican Hot Chocolate together by accident and it became a wonderful mash-up of flavors. My newest flavor was suppose to debut before Thanksgiving but the universe said otherwise.

VIDEO: They were even featured on a CBS news story about my supply chain woes which you can see HERE.  

The good news for you is, we are having a fabulous promo just in time for the cold weather and of course Valentine’s Day.

Buy any two CasaQ hot chocolates and get one Mocha de Olla for FREE.  

Also, for you history and chocolate lovers there’s a Xocolatl: Food of the Gods free webinar coming up that is hosted by the San Jose Woman’s Club.


For a limited time we are giving away our newest Mocha de Olla flavor for FREE! That’s right, just buy any two of CasaQ hot chocolate flavors and get a FREE Mocha de Olla. No promo code needed.

Just place the Mocha de Olla in your cart and add 2 more tins and we will ship them out to you asap.  

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Mon, Feb 28, 2022 11:00 AM PST Xocolatl: Food of the Gods   Tickets      

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