Mural tribute: Carlos Gilberto Aceituno, Founder of Fogo Na Roupa // SF

Join us for the mural tribute of the legacy Carlos Gilberto Aceituno Founder of Fogo Na Roupa.

He dedicated his life teaching our community cultura & bring joy annually at Carnaval San Francisco🔥.

Join us in celebration of a new mural in our neighborhood…just in time to kick off Carnaval 2022.

A gift to Mestre Carlos Aceituno by DJ Vanessa Agana!

Where: 21st and Bryant, SF.


About Carlos:

Carlos Aceituno, Batucajé’s most illustrious alumni, shown here at San Francisco’s Carnaval parade.

Carlos went on as founder of Fogo na Roupa, the largest, most glamorous and successful contingent in SF Carnaval.

He sadly left us in 2006 at the young age of 45.

Take a moment to see what’s going on above pic!

Carlos spots a photographer, casually leans back, deftly spinning a pandeiro, and gazing directly at the camera lens.

Carlos’ legacy, Fogo na Roupa lives on today which I consider as a continuation of Batucajé to celebrate Brazilian culture in San Francisco.



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