Oskar Ly & Rumbalú // San Francisco

Oskar Ly & Rumbalú is a world-class Latin music orchestra featuring premiere musicians and singers.

Rumbalú is back in San Francisco delivering the best Latin Grooves, Salsa and Latin Jazz to make you dance and shake your booty 🙂

🤩 So excited to play at some of my favorite venues in San Francisco! Come dance with me 💃 dance❤️.

Thank you @the_academy_sf @localeditionsf @flowerpianoofficial for having me. Les amo ❤️❤️❤️.

See video!



Óskar Ly & Rumbalú is an electrifying Latin musical collective in the thriving landscape of the San Francisco Bay Area. With their captivating fusion of Jazz, Salsa, Pop, and Afro-Latin rhythms, Rumbalú has become a driving force in the Bay’s contemporary Latin music scene.

Led by renowned pianist, composer, and arranger Óskar Ly, Rumbalú delivers an exhilarating musical and visual experience that transports audiences to the heart of Latin American grooves. Their infectious energy and innovative arrangements breathe new life into classic American and Latin melodies, creating an unforgettable experience for music lovers.

Having graced renowned stages and festivals across the country, including performances at SFJazz, San Jose Jazz, New Mexico Salsa Congress, Fillmore Salsa Festival, and Afro Latinx Festival, Rumbalú has solidified their reputation as a world-class act. Their dynamic presence and tight-knit ensemble deliver an irresistible groove that gets bodies moving and hearts pounding.

Óskar Ly and Rumbalú have collaborated with award-winning artists such as Tito Puente Jr., Chucho Valdes Jr., Nino Segarra, Nelson Rangell, Richie Flores, Karl Perazzo, Sal Cuevas, the Pacific Mambo Orchestra, and many others. These collaborations have not only enriched their artistic journey but have also contributed to the depth and authenticity of Rumbalú’s sound.

Get ready to dance, sway, and feel deeply. Get ready to Rumbalú.


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