Recuperar Nuestras Lenguas Maternas // SF

IntegrArte SF is a cultural and educational organization dedicated to integration with Spanish languge.

Sunday AT 1 PM
Recuperar Nuestras Lenguas Maternas
957 Treat Ave, San Francisco, CA 94110

Rocio Moreno es la Coordinadora del Taller de historia comunitaria en Mexcala.

Este Domingo 16 de Abril nos acompaña y compartirá con nosotrxs su experiencia en el trabajo de recuperación de la lengua materna en la comunidad de Mexcala.

IntegrArte SF and the Latina Mission Moms’ Committee came together to mitigate the problems caused by the pandemic and preceding school closures. Our families have been struggling, and our children/youth are the most affected by learning loss and emotional problems. As mothers, we have seen the negative impact that prolonged confinement and exposure to screens have caused: serious learning loss, teen mental health deterioration, as well as hampering the acquisition of social skills, as is most evident for our English Language Learners.   We are organizing a Healing & Learning Community Garden Network in the Mission DIstrict where we can hold workshops, exchange knowledge, expertise, share skills, seeds, and local technology so the gardens offer a living and learning space for community members. In addition we want to offer a  volunteer-based tutoring program  on Math, Science, English, and Spanish for our children and youth in the hope that we can support our community to overcome the educational crisis we faced and make up for lost learning. We are growing some medicinal herbs in a small bed at the Secret Garden, a community garden in the Mission District. Moms have expressed interest in learning about medicinal herbs and planting them. Because we love to learn together with our kids, we decided to create a series of classes about the planting/harvest process, healthy nutrition, medicinal herbs, and art activities. This is becoming a healing space for us to reconnect socially and environmentally.   The community garden Network proposed are: The Secret Garden, Greenway Garden, Treat Garden, Tree Garden, and Chan Kaajal Garden. We (the Latina Mission Moms’ Committee and IntegrArte SF) ask for your financial help to build this Healing and Learning Mushuk Nina (New Fire) Garden Network. We need and want to build our own resource center and academic program where our families and kids can have access to intervention programs to repair the harm caused by the pandemic. The outdoor activities at the gardens are providing an opportunity for healing and reconnecting with nature and the community. Our goal is to contribute to the physical and mental well being of our children, youth, and all members in our community.

We want to chart an entirely different course for ourselves and our families and honor the fabric of our families and communities. We need your help in charting our own course as the public schools continue to come up short. Please contribute to help us build our own future! Thank you for your solidarity!

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