The Best Latino Heritage Month TV shows are on PBS! Sept 15th – Oct 15th

PBS Presents Hispanic Heritage Month!

Documentaries and programs to help celebrate the diversity of Hispanic and Latina/e/o/x cultures.

To celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month this year we have a great collection premieres, re-broadcasts, and streaming titles for you watch.



Hispanic Heritage Month runs from September 15 to October 15 and it is a great time to learn more about the diversity of Hispanic and Latina/e/o/x experiences and cultures. In 2020, the U.S. Hispanic population was an estimated 62 million out of the total U.S. population of 331.4 million.

We know that just one descriptor can hardly capture the spirit and cultures of so many people who descend from a vast geography that includes present-day Southwestern U.S. states to the southern most tip of South America, and nearly every present-day country and island in between. This is why you’ll see many different ways in which people describe themselves and their heritage. You’ll see the terms Latina, Latino, and their non-gendered versions Latine and Latinx. You might also see people identify as Hispanic, Chicano, Tejano, Taino, Isleños, Boricua, Afro-Latino, in addition to the many who identify with any one of the 22 nations and Puerto Rico that comprise Latin America. We hope you see an array of these voices and stories in this collection of programs and documentaries.



Watch their amazing Latino programs here!

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