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[video] DESDE DONDE ESTOY by Braulio Barrera, Latin Grammy winner in Bay Area

Saludos mi gente! Aquí les presento mi nueva canción titulada DESDE DONDE ESTOY.

Espero que les guste, la disfruten la bailen y la compartan, ya pronto saldrá en todas las plataformas.

Mil gracias a talentosos amigos quienes participaron en esta canción.

Jose Roberto Hernandez (Flautas)
Sofia Rojas (Coros)
Ivan Flores (Acordeón).




Catch Braulio perform in Bay Area!


About Braulio:

Coming from a family of cultivated musicians and singers of Creole Peruvian music, Braulio was always fascinated by the sounds of his native instrument, the Cajon.

The cajon has become one of the main percussion instruments of Peru because of its richness, its adaptability, and the place it conquered with the Peruvians. The development in rhythm reached by the Afro-Peruvians, and the diffusion of the cajon in Peru’s coastal music and now all over the world is outstanding.

At the age of 19, Braulio began his professional career as a percussionist and vocalist in Peru. His musical versatility led him to become one of the lead musicians to perform with Cecilia Barraza, one of Peru’s most respected singers. In 2000, Braulio began touring across the U.S. with various artists ultimately deciding to take up residence in California as a full-time musician.

This move led to opportunities teaching, composing, and performing Peruvian and Latin American music with numerous cultural groups.

In 2004, Braulio was invited by Gustavo Santoalalla to play cajon on the soundtrack for the award winning film, “The Motorcycle Diaries”. In 2005 he performed with Orchestra Tabaco y Ron for the film, “Cane.” In 2006 he later joined the group of Cecilia Noel and the Wild Clams where he performed extensively for four years in Los Angeles. In 2011, Braulio relocated to San Francisco Bay Area. He is a founding member of 2014 Grammy award winning, Pacific Mambo Orchestra.

Braulio currently teaches music to children with the San Francisco Symphony and performs as a full-time musician across the U.S.

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