[exhibit] 37th Annual “Solo Mujeres” @ MCCLA // SF

37th Annual “Solo Mujeres” features Isis Rodriguez

Spiritual Manifestations is a feminist contemporary mythology where Zapatista masked women in lingerie roam the world of nepantla protesting shame in search of a spiritual evolution.

MACCLA, 2868 Mission St. San Francisco.

Open 11am to 5pm Tuesday – Saturdays until the 23rd of March.

About exhibit:

Imagine yourself walking into a gallery of large darkly glamorous masked women, shamans, and xoloitzcuintles that dwell in a mysterious place called “nepantla.”

These works span over 10 years and 3 series, “Legends from the Realm of Nepantla”, CRUSH! and “Perros Sagrados y Sus Chamanes”.

“Nepantla” is a 16th Century Aztec word that means, “in the middle of it” and is the place where my “types” dwell. It’s a kind of crossroads where we go when we want to transform to a better version of ourselves.

Over 20 works of art spanning over 10 years from the following series, “Legends from the Realm of Nepantla”, “Perros Sagrados y Sus Chamanes”, and “CRUSH!”.

I use the techniques of the Great European Masters with Catholic and Pre-Hispanic ritual, inventing new feminine types, meta-types, shadow types, and modern archetypes that reflect the issues we face today.

All art will be for sale. Get on her VIP mailing list to get discounts on selected works. To find out more you can visit my website at

top: This large painting is called “The Initiation” from my series, “Legends from the Realm of Nepantla” and depicts two contemporary archetypes engaged.

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