Flamenco Juerga festival: Spirit of Christmas // San Jose

Flamenco Juerga, in the spirit of Christmas, featuring legend icon bay area flamenco artists.

Dancers: Lourdes Rodriguez and Koko de la Isla.
Guitarists: Keni el Lebrijano and Alberto Marques
Singer/dancer: Roberto Zamora

Sunday, December 10 · 3 – 6pm
Historic Hoover Theatre
1635 Park Avenue San Jose, CA 95126

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Juerga (Flamenco Jam Session) This is a performance of traditional Flamenco festival style. Showcasing a great cast of flamenco artists, appearing at Hoover Theater; Koko de la Isla and company. Koko is an inspiring performer, master teacher and creative choreographer.

Evolving from the interactions of many cultures, flamenco is an art form that grew from Andalusia, a province in southern Spain. Inhabiting the area for centuries, the unique interplay among Moors, Jews, Andalusians, and Gypsies has shaped this most expressive and culturally rich folkloric genre of song, music, and dance.

Come see and hear the wonderful singing and beautiful dance of great artists.

Great performance, full of excitement and passion.

Feel the fire and passion of flamenco!



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