[free] Primer Sábado: Juju el Tambor Hablante y Creaciones de Textil Africana // Petaluma

First Saturday: Juju the Talking Drum and African Textile Making with Pope Flynn, Rasaki Aladokun, & Asual Aswad.

Fun✔️ Family-friendly✔️ Free✔️

Saturday, September 2, 9:30-11am [Español abajo]
Petaluma River Park, Petaluma, CA.
(707) 277-1655


The entrance to Petaluma River Park is located at 300 Copeland Street, off of D Street, between Petaluma Boulevard and Lakeville.
All ages of well behaved humans and dogs on leash are welcome. Things to bring: comfortable shoes, a sun hat, and water.

About event:

The Talking Drum, a heritage instrument of Nigerian and Yoruba culture is used to convey messages and fables.

What story will Juju the Talking Drum tell us and how will it inspire your African Textile making? Join us to find out!

This weekend West African artists, Pope Flynn and Rasaki Aladokun, join us at the River Park for an interactive drumming performance:“Juju the Talking Drum.”

The drummers will be accompanied by teaching artist Asual Aswad who will lead and inspire us in creating our own African Textile Art! See you at the Park! All ages and artistic abilities are welcome!

We also invite you to stick around after the program to talk with PRPF team members about the River Park project and to share your ideas for the Park!

Sábado, septiembre 2, 9:30-11am

Primer Sábado: Juju el Tambor Hablante y Creaciones de Textil Africana con Pope, Rasaki y Asual Aswad.

El Tambor Hablante es un instrumento patrimonial de la cultura de Nigeria y Yoruba que es usado para comunicar mensajes y fabulas. ¿Qué historia nos dirá el Tambor Hablante y como nos inspirará nuestras creaciones de Textil Africana? ¡Acompáñanos!

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