[fundraiser] Protect Farm Workers from Summer Heat

As essential workers, farm workers are working every day in the summer heat and in increasing cases it is dangerous and unsafe.

The UFW Foundation is advocating to change these regulations to save lives. Shade, water, breaks and heat safety education for farm workers saves lives.

There has already been multiple farm worker deaths as a result of heat illness across the US.

There is currently no federal heat safety standard and 46 states don’t have heat regulations.

In July, OSHA released a Heat Hazard Alert that there is an annual average of 38 deaths nationally from workplace based heat illness.

We partnered with Time Magazine on this article that dives deep into the dangers of extreme heat for outside workers, highlighting that 69% of farm worker respondents said they had experienced one or more heat stress symptoms.





1. Here is a 14 minute NPR audio piece on the road to protecting farm workers from heat illness.


2. Video:


3. We have launched a call center phone line where farm workers can report workplace heat violations at: 1-661-546-9020


4. Text.

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